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What is a heku?
Heku is a species, one that pre-dates the human’s oldest ancestors. They are native to Earth and have watched while the humans evolved over time. Encounters with this blood-drinking species have led to such myths as the vampires, zombies, and even the werewolf, but they are none of those things. They become offended if you call them undead, but they are immortal and never age.

How do they feed?
It is against heku laws to feed from unwilling donors. There are donor bars and donor lists comprised of individuals who are paid well to allow a heku to feed. Heku need only feed every 3-4 weeks and can go longer in emergencies.

What is an ancient?
The ancients are the original heku. If asked, they will tell you that they have always been, and will always be. The ancients despised the new creatures to their planet, the humans, and used them as both food and games. Torturing a mortal was part of their fun and it was that reason that they were banished to the ground for eternity. Ancients had powers that were not passed down through the blood-lines of the species.

What is an ‘old one’?
An ‘old one’ is a direct descendent of an ancient, or one turned by the blood of an ancient. The ancients did not turn humans often, so there are very few ‘old ones’ in existence. It was the ‘old ones’ that finally decided to banish the ancients.

What are the seats on a council?
There are 3 Elders and one of each of the following : Chief Enforcer, Chief Interrogator, Chief Investigator, Chief of Defense, Chief of Staff, Coven Liaison Officer, Chief of Finance, Faction Liaison Officer, Court Report and Records Keeper.

Which position on the council does T.M. consider to be the meanest? (Sarra C. from Miami, FL)
That's easy, the Chief Interrogators are the meaner ones. That may not be obivious in the first two books, but will come more to play in the ones after that.

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